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PKD Symposium 2017

The 2017 PKD Symposium will be held on May 8 at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center!

This symposium is organized by the Harvard PKD Center. We will update you with the most recent advances in the PKD field and progresses made by members of the PKD Center at several Harvard Institutions in the past year.

The symposium will focus on the molecular mechanisms underlying PKD. Topics to be covered:

  • Ciliary signaling in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
  • What’s new in intraflagellar transport and ciliogenesis
  • Global analyses of cystogenesis
  • A new therapeutic target in the mTOR pathway
  • Nephronophthisis, a ciliopathy?
  • Segmented domain function within the cilium
  • Polycystin and cilia
  • TAME PKD Clinical trial of metformin in ADPKD
  • Modeling polycystic kidney disease using stem cell technology
  • Mitochondria and polycystic kidney disease

All undergraduate, graduate students, medical students, residents, clinical and research fellows, physicians and basic science faculty members who are interested in kidney disease, cilia or epithelial biology would benefit from attending this conference. Registration is free but seats are limited.

Please print and post the Invitation Letter and Flyer of this symposium in your department.

Registration is free but seats are limited. Follow this link or go to: for registration.

Draft program is here.  Please visit back for more updates.

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