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The Zhou lab is actively recruiting highly-motivated and academically oriented post-doctoral fellows for various ongoing and new projects. Candidates with a background in science, medicine or research and a publication record in peer-reviewed journals are sought. Candidates with a background in mouse models, live cell imaging, protein trafficking or epithelial and ciliary biology are desired. A two-year commitment is required.

US citizens or permanent residents and minorities are encouraged to apply. Priority is also given to fellows from abroad who are self-funded.

For applications and more information, please email


These positions are for volunteers who are highly motivated and interested in pursuing a career in biological or biomedical research. Typical students would be majored in biology and interested in going to medical school or graduate School.

What you will learn:
You will learn experimental techniques including molecular biology, cell biology, molecular physiology, molecular pathology and mouse genetics. You will learn to contribute intellectually and experimentally to a research project led by a senior member of the lab, or even carry on research projects independently. A student can become a valuable member of the team and contribute to our research progress and co-author in research publications.

A talented and motivated student will be able to quickly learn experimental techniques and start to do experiments with less and less supervision and ultimately, independently. For undergraduate researchers who want to go to graduate or medical school after graduation, the lab experience will also earn the student a letter of reference commenting on their outstanding undergrad research activity, which is invaluable for admission into a competitive graduate program. Such undergrad research experience is desired by graduate admission committees at all universities.

Time commitment:
Someone who is highly motivated should be able to come to the lab in between and after his/her classwork or on weekends for at least about 10 hours/week or during the summer vacation time (three months minimum). Some students choose to take 9 months to a year off for more intensive research training during their undergraduate or medical school, or before going to medical or graduate school. A student who commits for a longer period typically benefits more from his/her research training and is able to contribute to research in a more significant way and become a co-author in publications. The person should be very strong academically so that the lab work does not negatively impact his/her class work performance.

To apply for these undergrad opportunities, please e-mail your resume and a copy of your grades to Minorities are encouraged to apply. 

There is one position for an experienced highly skillful individual to to perform various molecular cell biological experiments to study mechanisms of polycystic kidney disease. Typical candidate will be those interested in doing research in an academic setting setting. Candidates with a background in cell culture, western blot, and DNA cloning are sought.

Candidates with a background in mouse models, protein trafficking or epithelial and ciliary biology, kidney disease are desired. A minimum of two-year commitment is required. Position is to start immediately.

Job description:

1. Independently performs non-routine, highly specialized experimental procedures including mammalian cell culture, western blotting, and has experience working with mice.

2. Participates in the design and modification of research protocols.

3. Develops research methodologies within the parameters of experimental protocols and research objectives.

4. Develops, organizes and/or maintains the study database.  Responsible for data validation and quality control.

5. Composes and may present sections of research reports and manuscripts.

6. Performs advanced data analysis using advanced statistical techniques.

7. Responsible for the oversight and coordination of the scheduling of all procedures.

8. Responsible for troubleshooting problems and instructing others in highly specialized techniques.

9. If entry level research staff is present, responsible for supervising staff in the lab, including hiring, firing, evaluation and discipline.

10. In collaboration with PI, participates in budget and grant development and preparation.

11. All other duties as assigned.

Time commitment:
Full time or part time. A minimum of two-year commitment is required. Position is to start immediately.

US citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply.

Please send a copy of CV with GPA by email:

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